Destiny Christian Academy is dedicated to providing an environment promoting academic excellence, and a Christ-centered education preparing students to thrive in leadership and service. He or she learns to develop lifelong critical thinking skills that will equip him or her to fully develop into a successful student.

Explore our site, visit our campus, and get to know our welcoming community.

Discover why DCA excels in math, science and social sciences. We provide exemplary high school preparatory education for preschool through eighth grade students. Curriculum materials used in our classroom will present the content necessary for our students to sequentially develop the skills needed to become proficient in all subject areas.

We encourage school participation for boys and girls, their parents and the community by advocating, clubs, leadership, yearbook,  music, art, and community service opportunities. Teachers and Parents are responsible for understanding their student, recognizing their unique characteristics, and implementing techniques to suit the students individual needs. Participation by all only heightens the students’ academic experience.

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