The academic program is designed to provide students with the best possible program of study to challenge each student in his reasoning and critical thinking skills using biblical worldview integration as the means to this end.  We equip our students with an unmatched combination of spiritual and moral training in God’s Word, personal and social development, academic excellence and co-curricular involvement — all within a safe and loving, Christian environment.  The goal is to develop the minds of the students to be like Christ’s so that God’s Truth becomes inseparable in their lives and in the way our students think about information they are given.   Destiny Christian Academy has a strong community of parents, faculty and staff members dedicated in preparing our students to be Christian leaders of the future

We hope you’ll take a moment to explore the additional information, provided below, about our Christian school. If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to schedule a visit to Destiny Christian Academy or have someone from our school contact you, please reach out via our Contact page.