Program Highlights

The Pre-School Program

The Pre-School Program at Destiny Christian Academy focuses on building a solid foundation for learning by focusing on the holistic development of students utilizing developmentally appropriate teaching practices. The success of this program is driven by the emphasis placed on establishing strong parent-school partnerships in a family-centered environment. Students learn the importance of recognizing God’s Presence and doing all things pleasing as unto the Lord as they engage in daily spiritual enrichment, social interactions, and small group activities. Small
classroom sizes ensure a balance between teacher-directed and child initiated activities.

The program strongly encourages and promotes early literacy and achieves reading, writing, and math skills in an environment conducive to learning. In addition, students are exposed to various cultures helping to expand their global perspective. The program offering of a combination of
spiritual growth activities, hands-on center activities, and advanced academics ensures the development of emerging skills. The effective implementation of the A BEKA Book Curriculum and the extremely high commitment to challenging students individually guides each preschooler enrolled in this program toward their unlimited potential.


The Elementary Program

The Elementary Program at Destiny Christian Academy is highly innovative and holistically stimulating for the school-age student. It is based in the fundamental elements of Christian education and develops the true essence of each student by defining true self-worth and raising self-confidence. The A BEKA Book, BJU Press (Bob Jones University), ACSI Curriculum, and  Houghton Mifflin are effective tools for facilitating learning in each classroom. The incorporation of effective teaching methods helps students to become fluent readers, giving them the ability to not only comprehend, but also communicate verbally and in writing. It also instills the principle of mathematics and science extending beyond the basics to develop our students into culturally literate and exploratory individuals.

Our elementary academic offerings also include foreign language, computer technology, physical education, and history. Extra-curricular classes offered such as art and creative expressions, music and instruments, and dance and sign language cultivate individual student talents. The learning experience is supported by the incorporation of prayer into our daily activities, along with one-on-one tutorial and effective communication between home and school. This program is designed to expose students to a world of opportunities and ignite a passion for them to reach their highest potential.